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Fornova’s top 6 hotel blogs of 2020

Even though last year was challenging for everyone, we learned lots of important things to help us with the recovery of travel and hospitality. Based on our traffic data, in case you missed any of the insights, here are our most popular blogs of 2020:

1. Why the COVID crisis will increase Google’s dominance in the hospitality industry

Before we knew the devastating impact coronavirus would have, our CEO Dori Stein touched on the rise of Google as an online travel agency (OTA) but without the service and now, as we look to the ‘new normal’ it’s likely Google’s dominance will step up a gear.

2. Will your hotel rate shopper give you the edge in the race to attract post-COVID-19 bookings? Discover the key questions you need to ask now…

As COVID-19 restrictions gradually begin to ease in some countries, revenue managers and their colleagues need to hit the ground running if they are to steal an early competitive advantage by winning those all-important bookings and gain market share.

3. Webinar on Competitive Intelligence post-COVID-19

The Coronavirus epidemic brought the entire global travel ecosystem to a standstill and resulted in thousands of hotels being shut down. When demand eventually picks up, there are questions that we thought were worth answering.

4. Hotel Distribution Analytics in a Post-COVID World

Hoteliers grappling with the business impact of the COVID-19 pandemic are faced with a difficult distribution challenge. On the one hand, there is the short-term need for the revenue obtained by putting heads in beds; this is the lifeblood that keeps staffers employed and the lights on. But on the other hand, there are also long-term profits to consider, which often necessitate a more stringent distribution approach.

5. Free hotel cancellation policies are now the new norm

As hotels around the globe do whatever it takes to survive the Covid-19 crisis, a fundamental shift is taking place in hotel cancellation policies with hotels increasingly offering free cancellations in a bid to convert bookings.

6. Hotels need to guard against aggressive country rates campaigns

In the battle to secure those elusive room bookings, online travel agencies (OTAs) and hotels will do almost anything in the current climate to win sales and an unrelenting country rates strategy, also known as point of sale (POS) pricing approach, is a key part of their arsenal.


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