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Fornova Mobility Intelligence

First-ever competitive intelligence and distribution optimization platform for the car rental industry

Fornova Mobility Intelligence dashboard

Unique BI solution built especially for the car rental industry.
Enables car rental companies to rate shop competitor pricing, check rate parity, monitor fleet availability, optimize distribution and maximize revenue.

Shop competitor rates

Increase your market share by having a better understanding of your competitive landscape; Benefit from access to the travel industry’s most comprehensive global data set – we track over 100,000 websites from desktops and mobile devices in 70+ different countries (Points of Sale / POS).

Rate visibility on Fornova Distribution Intelligence
Manage rate parity on Fornova Mobility Intelligence

Check rate parity

Comprehensive workflow to monitor and manage parity and broker performance, including all major broker channels (mobile & desktop) and all feeder markets (POS) for each location.

Monitor fleet availability

Integrated current fleet status report - so you can simultaneously evaluate your competitor pricing and your own vehicle availability (by date, location and vehicle category).

Monitor fleet availability on Fornova Mobility Intelligence
Distribution Optimization features on Fornova Mobility Intelligence

Optimize distribution and maximize revenue

Align incentives with your interests, manage your digital distribution across all channels, integrate your Revenue Management System (RMS) and send data feeds to it, make intelligence-driven decisions and capture more revenue and profits.

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