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Fornova Online Travel Agency

Actionable data to drive travel agency strategy

Unrivaled data insights from the combination of best-in-class AI-based patented scanning and data aggregation technology with expert data analysis.

Win every shop in every market and increase conversion by always offering the right product, at the right price, to the right audience, at the right location.

Monitor the whole market, understand your competitive visibility and proactively manage your inventory and hotel acquisition strategy.

Continuously monitor & benchmark your competitive landscape

Shop competitor rates, compare pricing, products & inventory with suppliers, partners & competitors from any platform, any channel, any location, and at any time.


Fornova scans 72+ different countries (Points of Sale / POS), accessed on desktop, mobile web and mobile apps.

Daily/weekly reports to benchmark Net/Gross prices with competitors (incl. suppliers and hotels).

Features to monitor comeptition on Fornova OTA

OTA package (flights + hotels) analysis

Dashboards with full package scans

Full OTA package scan up to the full tax breakdown page, combining both static and dynamic packages, incl. ancillaries/amenities.

Static compares hotel / room / flight.

Dynamic compares hotel / room with cancelation & board (room level matching) / non-stop / with stop cheapest flight.

Inventory management & hotel acquisition

Market Level Scan including hotels that are not on your initial list for hotel acquisition and coverage analysis.

Drive growth, inventory and demand and market match against your competitors to get the maximum coverage.

Map the right opportunities for acquisition based on your unique business needs.

Find acquisition opportunities for new hotels with high rank on the search page.

Ability to identify and acquire the “hot” hotels that are popular in different markets.

Market level scan reports on Fornova

Ability to provide insights to your sales and market managers to have the upper hand when they negotiate with the hotels

Vacation rentals

OTA and home rental scans on Fornova

Full OTA/home rental site scan (incl. Airbnb, Vrbo, home and others).

Based on a list of search terms (markets), broken down to sub-markets and neighborhoods to ensure complete coverage.

Get reports with all your competitors’ inventory and advanced information by property, room, sub-rooms, location, pricing amenities, etc.

Our unique AI technology can even match any combination of images and store them after the scanning process.

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