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Benchmark your distribution health across both direct and indirect channels.


Continuously monitor your distribution health

Monitor all the factors that affect your distribution health, including rate integrity, availability and visibility. Discover the most comprehensive channel coverage across OTAs, metasearch and direct channels.


Manage wholesalers and partners

Automatically identify wholesalers that ‘leak’ your inventory to non-contracted OTAs. Benchmark reports and screenshot evidence provide actionable data to help you monitor and manage your partner relationships more effectively.


Enterprise-ready for chains and hotels

Ready to go straight out of the box, whatever the size of your organization. Dashboards, reports and benchmarks help you to monitor and understand your distribution health, and built-in messaging tools enable efficient and seamless communication between different levels of your chain, cluster and property.

Data-driven BI for hotels

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Increase in campaign ROI

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Read the latest industry trends, insights and news

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