Continuously monitor and benchmark your distribution health across both direct and indirect channels. Feel empowered to control your distribution and align incentives with your interests, so you can capture more revenue and profits.

Year on year increase in revenue

Fornova is one of the most innovative companies in distribution & revenue intelligence & an instrumental resource to long term success.”


Distribution health score

Live score based on distribution mix performance.

Dashboards for individual property, cluster, region and chain level views.

Pricing data from all contracted and non-contracted channels, including 3rd party rates.

Only Fornova can access mobile app rates, which differ from mobile web pricing.


Value of opportunity

Chain’s full earning potential calculated and any shortfall highlighted.

Focus your team on the revenue increase that’s possible if full parity with distribution channels is achieved.

solutions-di3 and Expedia extranet integration

Monitor which hotels are participating in OTA loyalty programs & promotions.

Track promotion performance easily.

Revenue and operational analytics in a unified dashboard

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Optimize marketing spend on programmatic for better digital marketing ROI

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Latest news & trends

Read the latest industry trends, insights and news

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