Continuously monitor and benchmark your distribution health across both direct and indirect channels.
Feel empowered to control your distribution and align incentives with your interests, so you can capture more revenue and profits.


Improve your Distribution Health Score

Monitor all the factors that affect your distribution health, including rate integrity, availability and visibility. Benefit from the industry’s most comprehensive global data set – we track over 100,000 and OTA websites, including Booking Basic rates, collecting rates from 50+ Points of Sale (POS) using 60M dynamic IPs.


Manage partner relationships more effectively and reduce wholesaler leakage

Understand how your inventory appears across all channels, spot any connectivity issues, validate rate integrity (on OTAs, metasearch, Google) and automatically identify wholesalers that ‘leak’ your inventory to non-contracted OTAs with screenshot evidence.


Enterprise-ready for chains and hotels

Dashboards and customisable reports allow you to monitor and benchmark how each hotel is performing, and compare it to your chain, comp set, region and global score. Built-in messaging tools enable efficient and seamless communication between different levels of your organisation (chain, cluster and property).

Revenue and operational analytics in a unified dashboard

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Optimize marketing spend on programmatic for better digital marketing ROI

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Read the latest industry trends, insights and news

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