Have a better understanding of how your hotel, cluster or chain is performing against the competition.
Shape your pricing strategy and make informed rate decisions using the most advanced and comprehensive comp set data.
Increase your market share by upgrading to enterprise-grade rate shopping.


Customizable guest country of origin (Point of Sale) setting

Select one or more geographically appropriate Point of Sale (PoS) for each property based on its relevant guest source markets.
View the rates that your guests are actually seeing from their location, so you can evaluate your competitiveness against the appropriate comp set.

CI competitor rates dashboard

Switch between property level and cluster or chain level views

Monitor the rates of your comp set in real time. Analyze their rates 90/180 days ahead. Refresh the data on demand when needed to make sure you have the most accurate information. Do not miss important 3rd party rates – e.g. Booking Basic.

CI competitor rates dashboard

Improve your Competitive Intelligence Score

Understand the competitiveness of any hotel based on 3 main components that are constantly compared against the comp sets: rates, ranking & visibility

CI  Property level and Corporate Chain level views

Check your Competitive Visibility and Ranking across OTAs and Google

Being more visible to guests than your competitors are - this is key to increasing your conversion and getting more bookings from OTAs and metasearch websites.
In order to take full advantage of any tools (e.g. Booster, Preferred) or promotions that OTAs offer, you need to take into consideration your rates, comp set rates, comp set visibility and ranking. FornovaCI is the first ever rate shopping solution in the market offering all those comparisons in one view – so you can make the right decisions in seconds.

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