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Our top 5 most popular blogs in 2021

Fornova had a very busy year in 2021. We continued to evolve and innovate to support the recovery of the hotel industry, while delivering data excellence to our rapidly growing customer base. No doubt you were busy too, so here’s a handy round-up of the five blog posts with the most pageviews on our website, in case you missed them.

From Revenue Management to Revenue Survival to Revenue Strategy

Early in the year, the hospitality industry was facing its worst crisis ever, with most countries in lockdown and international travel reduced to minimum. Revenue managers were battling to devise new strategies that would help turn their hotels’ fortunes around. Our Director of Global Marketing Michail Tzouvelekis discussed new models that hoteliers could adopt going forward, and suggested a list of actions for Revenue Managers wishing to transform into revenue strategists.

Everything you wanted to know about your hotel’s digital transformation but were too afraid to ask Google

We keep hearing that the hospitality industry is finally on the path of digital transformation, but many are still unclear about what this actually means. In this blog post we broke it down to describe the process and journey of true digital transformation. And we make some suggestions for the kinds of business intelligence solutions that hoteliers or their hotel tech partners should be considering, when they take those initial steps on their journey.

Fornova gives hotels free tool to optimize content distribution

One of our biggest innovations in 2021 was the launch of FornovaHL. The Fornova Hotel Listings tool is free forever for all hotels to manage their online directory listings. In this blog, we described the thinking behind creating FornovaHL, why a solution bespoke to the hospitality industry is more useful than other options, and how it can help eliminate content disparity, by boosting hotels’ online visibility in search results.

When is a hotel distribution dilemma no longer a dilemma?

In Autumn 2021, our CEO Dori Stein highlighted the findings of a recent report, which showed that working with OTAs such as had greater benefits for hotels than seeking direct bookings alone. He talked about the advice our Customer Success Team offers to clients for finding the right distribution balance. This was one blog post which generated lots of discussion on LinkedIn, so what is your take on it?

Driving productivity & growth with the most advanced comp set data available

This Fornova customer success story describes the demonstrable positive impact that our solutions have made to ZEN Rooms, a cloud-based technology brand revolutionizing hospitality in Southeast Asia. They adopted our Competitive Intelligence solution FornovaCI and very soon after observed a 15% boost in their productivity, handing us some fantastic feedback on our team that supported them.

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