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5 top tips for growing your business as a channel partner

We work with channel partners to offer our solutions that support the hospitality industry to growth and success. Based on our experience, here are our tips for growing your tech business partnership.

Fornova’s business is founded on partnership working. From day one we built our tech solutions to solve problems that we could see were holding hotels back from being their best. As we’ve grown we’ve become champions for the hospitality sector that we know and love, and by understanding its challenges we’ve continued to innovate new solutions to help hoteliers thrive.

Now we’re a trusted partner to more than 20,000 hotels worldwide and our Customer Success Team works hard with our clients every day to ensure they’re getting the best from our tools and that our tech is helping them to achieve more.

In every challenging scenario, teamwork and collaboration are guaranteed to solve the problem faster and more effectively than working alone, and we firmly believe that we bring that approach to our Partner Program. We know that by working with the right channel and vendor partners we can support each other to build bigger and better businesses.

But what’s the secret to growing your business as a channel partner? Here’s what we’ve learned from years of partnership working.

Good communication

The secret to any strong partnership is an open two-way dialogue. That way challenges can be tackled together as they arise. You want to be in touch with us regularly as our eyes and ears, alerting us to any issues so we can act quickly. Equally, the more you feedback to us, the more likely we are to think of you first when we have new product updates to communicate or when we’re running promotional opportunities that would benefit your business. We want to work with vendor partners to ensure our products integrate and complement one another. Let’s keep talking.

Stay invested

Working in tech you’re probably always looking for the latest innovation, but keeping your eye on the horizon can mean you miss things closer to home. Our Business Intelligence solutions are constantly updating to meet the needs of the industry and we’re always developing new APIs to ensure our products work well with our tech partners. We’ll keep you up to date but we rely on our partners who work with a range of customers to stay on top of what we’re doing and how that solves challenges for the industry. You can work with us to ensure our developments complement your own solutions, helping you build a stronger suite of products to offer your customers.

Share insights

Our business is data. Finding data, interpreting it and empowering our clients to use it to optimize their businesses. It’s the same with our vendor and channel partners. The more data and insights we share with each other, the more we understand and can grow our partnership. Mutual sharing of customer data helps us both identify opportunities and generate leads. Let’s work together to build success.

Mutual marketing

Our partners represent an efficient way for us to enter new markets - and we can open our markets to you. They can help us with insights that support our product development. We want the same as you – to provide the best service to our hospitality clients. We can work with you to develop an effective sales plan and then support your efforts with our resources and platforms to help you promote our shared offer. Working together we will ensure consistent product messaging and we can provide branded assets to boost your marketing strategies. Collaborating on social media, we can combine our audiences for maximise exposure.

Engage in events

Although events now are often virtual, they still help build those vital connections which ensure a partnership thrives. Whether we’re hosting partner events to keep everyone up to date on our latest solutions, or you’re holding training programs to make sure your clients are using their products correctly, these engagements add value and reinforce the partnership that keeps everyone feeling valued and involved. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to strengthen the bonds that keep partners working well together.

These tips will help you grow your channel partner business whether you decide to become part of Fornova’s Partner Program or not. We hope you’ve found our blog series useful as over the past few weeks we’ve built our guide to successful tech sales in the hotel sector.

If you’re interested in becoming a Fornova partner, fill in the form on our Partner page.

Remember Fornova’s Business Intelligence solutions represent the most comprehensive global data set in travel and hospitality, offering our customers increased efficiency, greater insights, good integration and enhanced functionality.

More than 20,000 hoteliers agree that our tech is robust, reliable, secure, intuitive, user-friendly and empowering for their businesses. If you want to learn more, we’ll happily arrange a demonstration. Book one now.


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