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Fornova's expanded presence in the 2021 Hotel Distribution Technology Chart

Fornova has an expanded presence in the 2021 Hotel Distribution Technology Chart.

We were excited to see that Shiji Group has just released their updated Hospitality Distribution Technology Chart for 2021.

The infographic is a visualization of the current hotel technology vendor landscape which should prove very useful to hoteliers and travel industry buyers.

This year Fornova solutions feature in three categories; Benchmarking & Analytics (FornovaCI, FornovaDI and FornovaRI), Visual Content Distribution (FornovaHL) and Metasearch (FornovaEC).

It’s great to see this useful infographic updated for another year. The fact that our business intelligence solutions are now in multiple categories reflects the continued expansion of our distribution technology solutions over the last few years. These include our e-commerce optimizer and our recently launched Hotel Listings tool (Fornova HL).

Thank you to all our friends at Shiji Group for including us.


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