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Fornova Acquires HotelsBI to Provide Full Suite of Business and Distribution Intelligence Solutions

LONDON and Tel Aviv, March 4, 2019 – Fornova announced that it is acquiring

Tel Aviv-based business intelligence provider HotelsBI. The acquisition rounds out its suite of solutions with the hotel industry’s only enterprise-ready solution to help hotel chains break the silos impeding the effective use of data, by employing advanced BI to understand and manage all data relevant to making optimum performance decisions.

CEO Dori Stein said, “We are pleased to announce our acquisition of HotelsBI, whose singular approach to business intelligence helps hotels not only better understand their market position – but increase direct bookings, RevPAR and repeat business at the same time. BI’s solutions fit neatly into and complement Fornova’s existing platform for enhancing hotels’ distribution practices from the top down’ at hotel companies – helping them, and their properties, adopt and implement more dynamic management processes. We look forward to bringing the complete platform to existing and new hotel partners around the world.”

Fornova is the leading provider of distribution intelligence and management solutions for hotels, working with most of the world’s top hotel brands.

Fornova leads the charge in improving hotels’ distribution health by collecting, analysing and taking action to improve the efficacy of hotels’ distribution strategy and practices. Fornova’s patented technologies for scanning, extracting and analysing massive amounts of information from the online marketplace to better understand how guests see their hotels priced, ranked and presented on the different distribution channels, both direct and indirect.

The technology has proven especially valuable for major hotel brands and larger hotel groups, which use it to create alignment among properties’ distribution practices, invariably enhancing results.

Leon Vaidman, the CEO and co-founder of HotelsBI, said, “We are happy to bring our advanced BI solutions to the Fornova platform, and join forces to help hotels worldwide improve their performance. Together, our solutions provide a uniquely powerful tool for helping properties achieve their occupancy and revenue targets, while maximising net RevPAR.”

Walter Neumann, Managing Director AZIMUT Europe of AZIMUT Hotels, a HotelsBI client said, ‘Our GM’s, Revenue, sales, marketing and operations managers have been working with HotelsBI’s platform successfully and productively. We have seen a dramatic improvement in our ability to better manage our properties by accessing and understanding all the information needed to make decisions in one place. We are excited about the acquisition, as it promises even more powerful tools for us to compete more effectively in today’s fast-paced marketplace.”

About HotelsBI

With the huge amount of data hotels get on a daily basis, it is humanly impossible to apply any proper analysis without the help of an effective business intelligence tool. At HotelsBI we use the most innovative technologies to provide you sophisticated tools in the most convenient way. The unique usage of Bi-Data technologies, machine learning, artificial intelligence makes out products an inseparable part of a hotel’s business procedures.


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