Data-driven business intelligence for hotels

with Fornova HotelsBI

Discover continuous data-driven insights to optimise hotel performance. No more separate spreadsheets. No more time consuming-manual reporting.

Complex performance analytics made easy

Simplify the process of analysing all of your internal and external data sources thanks to simple, intuitive dashboards – enabling faster, data-driven decisions to optimize hotel performance.


Discover a single, synchronised view of data

Monitor all the data that affects your hotel/chain performance from one, single synchronized view to identity opportunities to optimise your department’s performance (revenue, distribution, eCommerce, etc.)


Maximize revenue growth opportunities

Understand guest profiles and track behavioural trends across your chain to identify niche opportunities for hyper-targeted marketing campaigns that can drive up conversion rates.


Enterprise-ready for hotel chains

Designed to meet the needs any hotel chain, HotelsBI is enterprise-ready out of the box. Simple intuitive dashboards enable you to measure, track and understand business performance over time.


“We have increased our website conversion by 42%. The system provides full transparency of the performance of all our hotels in the chain. The tool is very intuitive and user-friendly and provides a single point of synchronization between our revenue, sales and e-commerce departments. It also aids our budget planning and revenue forecasting activities. We have increased our website conversion by 42% and collect more than 1,000 new profiles every month.”

Walter Neumann, Managing Director, Azimut Hotels.

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