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How a chain improved conversions by 20% with FornovaEC

Increasing sales conversions by 20% for Decameron Hotels & Resorts.

Decameron is a vibrant hotel chain offering all-inclusive resorts across South and Central Americas and The Caribbean. They are one of the largest resort companies in the region, with around 9,000 rooms.

Decameron was struggling to maximize their sales opportunities because they were relying on traditional channels for market visibility including OTAs, metasearch and resellers. This meant they lost out on capturing vital customer data, valuable for ongoing personalized marketing. They struggled to build that important one-to-one relationship with their guests and that meant their conversion rate was lower than it should be. Happily, FornovaEC has been able to help Decameron reduce their cost per booking, driving down their expenses.

Fornova’s E-Commerce solution has helped Decameron:

  • Turn their incredible photos into digital assets they could use for meaningful, personalized marketing and promotions.

  • Run vital A/B testing on specific messaging and imagery, to learn which ones led to increased sales.

  • Improve their listings for Google Hotel Ads and Google My Business, boosting their visibility.

  • Build dynamic adverts which react and update with current information on rates and offers, propelling them up the search rankings, and increased their feeds to local directories.

Thanks to FornovaEC, Decameron now has the tools necessary to leverage and maximize visibility across a raft of new platforms - and the results speak for themselves. Their conversion rates are up 20% in just a few short months.

Decameron’s Corporate Director of E-Commerce David Alejandro Ruiz told us, “Fornova is one of the most innovative companies in terms of hotel distribution and revenue intelligence. Their adaptive capabilities to emerging technology have separated them from their competition, and have proved to us why they are an instrumental resource to long-term success. The Fornova customer success team has helped us with the automation of distribution processes. We are saving lots of time and we have improved our conversion rates by up to 20% through dynamic remarketing.”

This customer success story is also available to download as a PDF or here.


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