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Putting car rental operators back in the driving seat with intelligent data insights

As part of our continued expansion, I’m excited to announce that Fornova is bringing its unrivaled competitive and distribution intelligence solutions to the car rental market and what better way to mark that than by partnering with Hertz.

We’ve drawn on our extensive experience of collaborating with many of the world’s most recognized hospitality and consumer brands to develop a solution that specifically addresses the unprecedented challenges facing the car rental industry. The result is Fornova Mobility Intelligence (FornovaMI), the first-ever Competitive Intelligence and Distribution Optimization platform created for the car rental sector.

The industry, which was traditionally heavily reliant on air passengers renting cars, has been deeply affected by the drop in passenger traffic which fell by 95% during the first two months of the pandemic. As car rental firms struggled for survival, their top priority became reducing costs and optimizing fleet utilization.

FornovaMI delivers actionable distribution insights at the click of a button that would otherwise take teams several hours to compile, freeing up time to focus on other business-critical activity. It was developed in consultation with the largest car rental operators and online travel agencies (OTAs).

As the industry recovery now begins, it will only be the players who have incorporated data intelligence and actionable insights into their strategy who will be able to come back stronger than ever before.

Part of our legacy, of which I’m most proud of, is that whenever we have entered a new market the most respected brands choose to collaborate with us. Now, as we partner with global car rental operators, we combine in-depth cross-industry expertise with next-generation technology that will accelerate their performance.

Sharing knowledge across global industries

There are clear similarities between the challenges faced by the world’s major hotel chains and car rental brands. Recent years have seen a huge shift in the distribution landscape which is now dominated by online travel agencies (OTAs), while other intermediaries such as online aggregators, brokers, and traditional travel agents have increased competition through offering price transparency. Both sectors are having to now double down on strategies to attract direct bookings and improve distribution.

Today, FornovaMI puts the car rental industry back in the driving seat by allowing them to proactively monitor and control their distribution across both direct and indirect channels and leverage our exhaustive competitor data insights to capture higher revenue and profits. Very soon, FornovaMI will also be available to all other ground transportation industries, from ride sharing and taxis to van and truck rental.

Real-time insights keep you ahead of the rest

Our solution combines real-time competitive intelligence and parity workflow management in one place and enables vehicle rental companies to proactively monitor and control their distribution across direct and indirect channels, while using unrivalled competitor data - as seen from 72 different countries (Points of Sale), including China, Latin America and Africa - to capture higher revenue and profits.

In challenging times such as these when budgets are constrained, intelligent insights are needed more than ever. If you are a car rental operator that wants to control your distribution to gain an edge over your competitors, then you can count on Fornova to empower you to achieve your goals.


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