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Yearly round up - Fornova’s 2018 highlights

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Yearly round up - Fornova’s 2018 highlights

We are welcoming the new year by reflecting on our best bits for 2018 and looking forward to what 2019 brings!

Market Visibility Launch - In March we launched our Market Visibility feature which enabled our customers to identify early on, risks to revenue targets, by benchmarking their page rank distribution over time. With the calendar view of lead time, the feature helps quickly identify stay dates with potential risk, so you can measure and verify the outcomes of efforts to improve ranking. Find out more here

Agile Distribution for Hotels Playbook - We published our first eBook in July, Introducing Agile Distribution for Hotels, exploring how adopting an agile approach to distribution can help to build a long-term, sustainable growth strategy that keeps up with an ever-evolving industry. Download the full eBook here

Unveiling a new image for Fornova - Last year Fornova got a whole new image to underpin the next phase in our Journey. Take a look and find out more here

Meta-Trends Report Q2 - We released our first Worldwide Meta Search Engines Distribution Trends Report, highlighting how hotels are losing out to OTAs on Meta for bookings with longer lead-times as well as other direct booking challenges for hotels. Download the report here

Meta-Trends Report Q3 - For the 2nd edition of our quarterly distribution trends report for Meta Search Engines, we went bigger and deeper - packing in more data and new analysis. Download the report here

Availability and Allocation Management Report - In line with the launch of our new dashboards addressing Direct Channels we published a research report revealing key opportunities for hotels to enhance distribution and profit by improving allocation and availability. Download the report here

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