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How to lead your hotel through the COVID-19 crisis:
Actionable insights for Directors of Distribution, Revenue and Marketing

The Fornova E-Book on actionable insights to deal with the Covid crisis

COVID-19 has been devastating for the global hospitality industry

Local and national lockdowns, travel restrictions and closed borders, combined with people’s widespread reluctance to board flights, have meant that hotels have struggled with occupancy rates far below pre-pandemic numbers. 

Six months ago, the Fornova team made predictions about the post-COVID-19 recovery. We asked ourselves questions like:

  • Which segments will kickstart the recovery?

  • Will OTAs emerge stronger or weaker than before?

  • Could the major chains keep growing through brand conversions of independent properties?

What can you do?

You can now find out whether our predictions are on track to become reality and, most importantly, what they mean for you as a hotelier and what actions you can take today to mitigate any impact, such as:

  • Who to target with online marketing and which metasearch sites to bid on

  • Why you need to guard against aggressive country rates campaigns

  • What to do if OTAs degrade rate parity

  • How to best take advantage of Google's services for hotels

Download our free e-book with actionable insights for Distribution, Revenue and Marketing leaders, to navigate the uncharted waters of the COVID-19 crisis.

Yes, I want to know what hospitality will look like post-COVID-19 and how to lead my hotel in the "new normal"

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