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Hotels need to leave no stone unturned in their efforts to capture demand and optimize performance, if they want to make it to the other side of the COVID-19 crisis.

Google receives 3 times as many travel-related searches as Booking and Expedia combined and is the largest and fastest growing metasearch site globally.

Use this content hub to read informative articles, learn how to get started with Google with useful guides, and identify which Google services are right for your hotel and how to extract the most benefit out of each.

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Fornova becomes the first hospitality BI company to launch Google Pay per Stay connectivity to the global hotel industry.

Fornova, a world-leading travel and hospitality business intelligence specialist, announces today, Friday, 20 November 2020, that it has become the first in its industry to enable hotels to seamlessly connect to and automatically monitor Google Pay Per Stay (PPS). By partnering with Google...

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Google search in tablet

Google may be the key to protecting your revenue role

Revenue managers already have a lot on their plate – especially right now. From predicting where demand is likely to come from and how best to capture it to spending hours crunching numbers and collating spreadsheets to secure buy-in for new promotions or offerings. Little surprise then that strategic decisions around Google and other metasearch websites continue to fall to their marketing teams rather than be owned by their revenue teams.

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Hotel cancelation policies post COVID-1-1

Rise of free room cancelations shows no sign of slowing

The proliferation of free hotel cancelation policies has been one pandemic phenomenon that our industry is showing little sign of shaking off soon. Despite the optimism that travel and tourism could once again resume now that vaccines are being rolled out, our latest data shows a significant increase in the percentage of inventory being offered without contractual penalties for canceled bookings when compared to just 12 months ago. Back in December 2019...

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Hotel Distribution webinar panellists-1

Webinar Summary: Is hotel distribution winning the battle to capture demand in the new normal?

With the turbulence experienced in 2020 showing few signs of easing off during the first half of 2021, we invited three leading hospitality experts to discuss how they see behaviors and trends developing over the coming period. 

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Pay per Stay: is it the right model for my hotel?

At Fornova we are advocating that the best equipped and most knowledgeable people in any hotel that can evaluate the real cost of managing metasearch campaigns are the distribution and revenue managers, regardless if they currently have the budget to do so. We aren’t claiming they should replace the marketing managers in any way shape...

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Office meeting during pandemic

From revenue management to revenue survival to revenue strategy

The unprecedented impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been deeply felt by the global hotel industry. Travel restrictions resulted in the biggest drops in occupancy on record across all regions and recovery is proving to be slow. But even before COVID-19, the emergence of giant technology companies as travel & hospitality players from Google to Airbnb and the OTAs...

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Google Hotel Ads

Get the most out Google Hotel Ads without wasting marketing budget

Hotels that have not yet moved to the new exciting Pay Per Stay (PPS) offering by Google are missing out on a huge opportunity to capture demand without risking their cash flow. Unlike traditional Cost Per Click (CPC) bidding or paying a huge fee of up to 17% to agencies for a Cost Per Action (CPA) campaign, with PPS hotels only pay for confirmed stays - avoiding wasting money on cancelations.

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Phone screen with google apps

Which Google services are right for my hotel?

Google has been the largest part of hotels’ marketing toolkits for almost as long as there has been digital marketing. Now, as the hospitality sector seeks to attract guests from both the domestic market and within their international travel corridors, Google’s expanded range of services offer huge opportunities to optimize visibility and boost booking.

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Why the Covid crisis will increase Google's dominance in the hospitality industry

Back in January, before we knew the devastating impact coronavirus would have, I touched on the rise of Google as an online travel agency (OTA) but without the service and now, as we look to the ‘new normal’ it’s likely Google’s dominance will step up a gear.

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