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Sweet Inn partners with Fornova, taps Machine Learning to dynamically price its 500 apartments

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Sweet Inn partners with Fornova, taps Machine Learning to dynamically price its 500 apartments

Sweet Inn builds its own Dynamic Pricing tool combining internal BI and Distribution Intelligence from Fornova to optimise pricing, at scale.


Tel Aviv and London, 17 July 2018 - Sweet Inn and Fornova have announced that they are teaming up, as Sweet Inn builds its own Revenue Management System (RMS), leveraging Distribution Intelligence from Fornova. Sweet Inn’s newest digital crown, a data-driven software platform, will enable the company to automatically optimize the pricing of its properties, as Fornova extends its Distribution Intelligence platform to scan the rapidly growing vacation rental market.


Phocuswright research (1) reported that more than 51% of non-renters in the vacation market said better pricing would make them consider a vacation rental over hotels. Sweet Inn has invested heavily in the past year and has hired over 15 data analysts, data scientists and Machine Learning experts to work on this new dynamic pricing platform.


“This pointed investment has enabled us to improve demand forecasting by 50% and underpinned data-driven pricing decisions”, reports Eitan Reisel, Sweet Inn’s Chief Revenue Officer. “As our RMS continuously ‘learns’ it will price apartments more efficiently, continuing to boost revenues and profitability.”

The vacation rental market has been growing rapidly over the last few years, and it is projected to reach $169.7 billion (2) by 2019. Fornova, leading provider for Distribution Intelligence for hotels, are extending their platform to scan the vacation rental market.


Dori Stein, CEO, Fornova said, “We are really excited to enter the vacation rental market, and to become the first company to provide Distribution Intelligence for hospitality across both the traditional hotels and the vacation rental market.” He continued, “The gap between the traditional hotels and the booming vacation rental market is collapsing quickly, fuelled by technology, shifts in consumer behaviour as well as commercial moves among hospitality giants such as booking.com and Airbnb. In future, these two markets will increasingly influence each other, and we’ll be ready to enable our customers and partners to understand how.”


Dynamic pricing has long been the holy grail of revenue management systems operated by the airline and car rental industries, as well as hospitality. Thanks to advances in high-performance computing and analytics, pricing and availability now adjusts by the minute. If you've shopped online and noticed changes of rates or availability, you've witnessed dynamic pricing in action. Sweet Inn's system adjusts and displays rates based on duration of booking, destination, dates, events, and will now adapt to market shifts and distribution factors leveraging intelligence provided by Fornova.


"What we’re trying to do within our industry space is to ask: How do we exploit access to data to create a more robust capability, and leverage each apartment as an individual inventory unit?" said Avi Shenshakir, Head of Data team, at Sweet Inn.


To achieve this, Sweet Inn has partnered with Fornova, a leading intelligence provider in the hospitality and travel sector using their patented visual web-analysis technology. This strategic partnership allows both companies to leverage the strength of data and Machine Learning to build the most advanced dynamic pricing system in the apartments for the vacation rental sector, to deliver dynamic pricing.

“We have partnered with Fornova for their ability to meet our requirements for data accuracy and scale that is unmatched in the industry. Their experience of working with some of the leading and forward-thinking brands in hospitality, combined with their deep knowledge of technology and their flexibility in working with us will be pivotal to our success in delivering the best-in-class RMS for our apartments.” said Eitan.

“We are delighted to be working with one of the most innovative and dynamic company in the vacation rental space.” said Guy Gaash, VP Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Fornova. “We have a long history of working with some of the most forward-thinking brands in hospitality, and we look forward to continuing this tradition with Sweet Inn.”


About Fornova


Fornova’s patented technology helps hoteliers maximise revenue and profit by continuously optimising their distribution mix across ALL channels – to sell every room through the best channel, every time.

Hotel distribution is evolving fast. Fornova’s leading-edge technology delivers a comprehensive, constantly updated view across both direct and indirect distribution channels – giving hotels dynamic control of their entire distribution and ecommerce operations. And with intelligent insights and automation, hoteliers can get maximum profit on every room by optimising their distribution mix across ALL channels.

Founded in 2010, Fornova has over 100 employees with offices in London, New York, Israel and Amsterdam, providing market-leading distribution solutions for more than 15,000 hotels globally.

Find out more at www.fornova.com


About Sweet Inn


Founded in 2014, Sweet Inn (www.sweetinn.com) is an international, fast-growing travel tech startup that aims to innovate the hospitality industry. Its concept? Combining the services of a boutique hotel with stylish vacation apartments.

With professional local concierge teams that are available 24/7, and contemporary app that allows guests to chat with Guest Relations anytime, order additional services and get local tips, Sweet Inn guarantees travelers a worry-free vacation.

As both the leaseholder and exclusive property managers, Sweet Inn entrusts in-house interior designers with the decor of its apartments, which are all inspired by the unique character of the area surrounding the residence. Given its wide range of ideally located designer apartments, guests can experience a new way of local travel -- with all the comforts of a hotel; high-speed WiFi, luxurious mattresses, linens and towels, high-end bathroom amenities, and options for à la carte services, including housekeeping, airport transfers, breakfast or grocery basket delivery, a private chef for hire and more.

Within just four years of launching, Sweet Inn now operates in 10 major cities (London, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels, Rome, Lisbon, Tel Aviv, Milan, Madrid and Jerusalem), offering guests over 450 apartments, including 100 in Paris.

Find out more at www.sweetinn.com





Arunn Ramadoss,

Director of Marketing



Sweet Inn

Eitan reisel

Chief Revenue Officer




1 A Market Transformed: Private Accomodation in the US, Phocuswright, January 2017

2 Global Vacation Rental Market 2015-2019, January 2016

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