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Fornova’s Top Stories from 2019

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Fornova’s Top Stories from 2019

With our latest blog post looking at predictions of what’s to come in 2020, and as we settle well and truly into the New Year, we decided to revisit some of our top stories of 2019. 


Here are our biggest hits of last year:

1. How accurate is your distribution data? 5 steps for hoteliers investigating data and quality? 

Bad data leads to bad decisions, and as our mission is turning data into intelligence it’s no surprise this post is at the top of our list. Often rates can differ according to point of sale (PoS), the time of day, and the channel displaying the rates, so ensuring your intelligence solution data is accurate, is paramount. 

Read the full article to find out what our 5 steps for checking the quality of your data are, so you can be sure to get to the heart of any parity issue. 


 2. Is your cache costing you direct bookings?

In many cases with our customers, we find that disparities occur due to technical issues. It may simply be because there is a delay in how your different systems PMS, RMS, CRS and Channel Manager are interacting. Alternatively, it could be a delay caused by the fact that there are multiple caches in the interface between your CRS and the channel. 

 Click the link to find out how to take action by detecting and classifying the cause of the issue. 


 3. How is currency conversion affecting your direct revenue opportunities 

There are several factors that affect rate-parity and ultimately your rate integrity, but have you ever considered currency conversion as one of them? 

Often we see regular disparity issues with our customers, ranging from a 20%+ price difference to much smaller differences of between 1% and 5% and we find that these smaller disparities are largely due to currency conversion, especially with OTA bids on Meta sites. 

Find out the impacts of this and how to handle these issues by reading the full article


4. Hoteliers, there’s no room to relax after Amoma downfall 

What’s the future for online travel agencies in an environment where only the most aggressive sites remain? At the end of Q3 last year, Amoma, one of the 3rd biggest OTAs ceased operations blaming non-competitive price comparators for its downfall. Our CEO, discussed the reasons behind Amoma's demise and explains why it's not all good news for hoteliers. Find out more by reading the full article. 

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