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Fornova joins world-leading tech initiative to give hotels a helping hand

At Fornova we truly value our partnerships with hotels around the world. We celebrate our joint successes and, like now, when times are difficult, we come together to support one another. That's why we're delighted to be part of the Hotel Relief Package.

The most innovative hotel tech providers in the world have joined forces to provide hotels with an affordable way to build an integrated system that will give them a competitive edge during the post-covid recovery.

As part of the initiative, led by cloud-based PMS provider, Apaleo, we are giving hotels free use of our next-generation business intelligence platform FornovaBI for six months!

FornovaBI streamlines your internal and external hotel data into a single source of trusted data. Clear dashboards provide real-time updates enabling teams throughout the hotel to make informed decisions faster.

As with all relief package partners, FornovaBI will integrate with Apaleo's PMS.

What's included in the Hotel Relief Package?

  • 6-month free trial of Apaleo, no-strings-attached or contract required

  • Form submissions get sent directly to our sellers who pitch Apaleo and recommend the app partners which are participating in the campaign. (Then these customers get passed on to our partners)

  • 6-month free trial of FornovaBI, with no obligations to purchase.

  • Numerous discounts from 30+ app additional partners, completely risk-free

  • Offers vary by partner, but all partners have committed to allowing contract cancellation

  • No integrations fees or hidden costs, forever

Ready to find out more?

Visit the dedicated Hotel Relief Package page here or get in touch with us direct at


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