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Our Hiring Process

We respect the time and effort you put into this application and in return want to give you response times for every stage of the process. We consider transparency a core value of our team and therefore, take the same attitude with our hiring process.  

Stage 1 - Hello 
Upon submittal of the application, we will carry out an initial filtering process based on declarations of skills and possible test questions. Instead of asking you for a CV at this stage, we want you to tell us about the skills and experience in various tasks that we are interested in. In this way, we answer you quickly and you get a clear idea of what the position is about AND your chances of success. Our system will also check whether there is an additional position that may match your skill set!

Stage 2 - Getting serious
You’ve piqued our interest and we want to know more about how your skills can fit in with the company. We’ll ask you more detailed and difficult questions to test the skills and tasks that the position requires. Depending on the role, we may ask you to record your question responses on video. 

Stage 3 - The shortlist

Congratulations! We appreciate the skills that you have demonstrated and want to know more about what makes you tick. At Fornova, we want to build a team around respect for honesty, motivation and a mutual vision. Therefore, we want you to have ample opportunity to decide whether we are the right fit for you as well as vice versa.

Those who have not been included in the shortlist will be notified. 

Stage 4: Let’s meet!
It’s time to meet your potential future manager and colleagues. At Fornova, we recognize that the role of a manager is key not only to those they report to but also to those who report to the manager.  We encourage our team to identify what they need from a manager and to be involved in the interviewing process. 

Stage 5: The very shortlist 
Post-interview, we have seen that you have the required skills and more. You have interacted well with the team and we hope that you are happy with how the process has gone and what Fornova stands for. At this stage, we will invite you to detailed discussions about the job description and compensation. We treat the hiring process and the candidates with the utmost respect and want them to be honest with us about what they need from both the position and the company. 

Interested in joining the team? 

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