Fornova’s Technology

Micro to macro

But how did we get here? The journey can be traced back to 2010 – the point where several quality assessment team members at microchip manufacturer Intel left to set up their own business. At Intel they were experts in scanning prototype circuits for any abnormalities; errors that could cost the company millions should the wrong chip roll out on the manufacturing line. 


Wizards in the art of analyzing and getting data out of images, they turned their hand towards retail. They helped brands such as Gucci and Nike analyze and protect their online prices across the globe. 

Micro to macro

Travel journey

Today, these same high standards, borne out of the beating heart of technology itself, are being applied to the complex world of travel distribution. With more than seven years of scanning experience, the Supernova platform has evolved into a world-class leader. 

The accurate and highly scalable technology behind the Supernova platform now reaches more than 15,000 hotels all over the world. It has become the travel industry’s most powerful tool for hotels to monitor and manage online price integrity, visibility, and rankings.


Scan and search, the Supernova way

Our patented, visual scanning technology is designed to search and scan the way humans do; this means differences in language, website structure, currency and other factors are not hurdles. 


It’s lightweight too. We don’t make millions of requests on external sites. Supernova sits on the cloud so we can access websites from multiple locations. Our big data warehouse means we can carry out high amounts of scans every day. We process results quickly and efficiently, and bring you accurate, up-to-date insights and information.


And whether it’s our scanning technology, data processing or recommendations, the intelligence-based system is always maturing and self-improving. The more it does, the more powerful it becomes. This is how we’re giving control back to hotels.

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