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An Evening of Fun in Toronto

An Evening of Fun in Toronto


An Evening of Fun in Toronto


Fornova is proud to present an Evening of Fun in Toronto on the 27th of June 2017 ! We teamed up with some industry leaders (eRevMax, HRS, Sojern, TrustYou and Vizergy) to host this exclusive gathering for hoteliers.


The event, to be held on a yacht at the harbour front, will bring together peers from the hospitality industry to unwind and network over cocktails.

The event is aimed at providing hoteliers and technology providers an interactive platform to exchange ideas and explore collaboration possibilities.


The luxurious Miss Toronto, moored at the Toronto harbour front, is just a short walk from the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, providing a perfect venue for an evening of fun !

There are some cool state-of-the-art hospitality technology products worth thousands up for grabs. Please note this is an Invitation Only event. Register now!


An Evening of Fun in Toronto




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