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Fornova’s Distribution Health Calculator

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Fornova’s Distribution Health Calculator

Your distribution health refers to your ability to sell every room through the best channel, every time. This scenario would produce an optimum Distribution Health Score of 100. 

When you distribute inventory through direct and partner channels, many commercial and technical factors influence what your guests searching online will see, which impacts how they book. For some time, the focus has been solely on rate parity, but the modern distribution landscape, dominated by online channels, requires a different approach which takes into account many other factors.

Being able to benchmark your distribution health, is the first step to understanding where your distribution issues lie. Our new Distribution Health Score Calculator is a quick and easy way to find out how efficiently you are selling your rooms, whether that’s via your own website, or through OTA’s and wholesalers. Having access to this score enables you to identify any problems in the distribution channel which may be affecting occupancy, revenue and RevPAR, and react to them quickly.

The Distribution Score is produced by aggregating the scores from hotels that have a matching profile to the information you provide us with. Once you have your score (which will range from 1 to 100), get in touch to find out how we can monitor your actual Distribution Health Score.

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