A new paradigm in online distribution

It is not enough to simply know when you are in or out of parity. You need to understand what the root cause is and what actions to take, quickly, and benchmark your performance over time. We refer to this as Rate Integrity - a holistic view of of your rates, the factors that affect it and the your performance over time.

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What affects your Rate Integrity?

  • Your inventory is distributed through OTAs
  • Percentage of your inventory allocated through wholesale contracts, which may be leaking out to online B2C channels
  • Cluster and property level managers accessing OTA extranets and running non-sanctioned promotions
  • Type of connection with different OTA partners, where poor connection quality and caches can lead to rates not being distributed correctly
  • Percentage of guests arriving from domestic vs. international markets

Better Rate Integrity will boost your Direct Bookings and net RevPAR

Many factors that affect your rate integrity are within your control, and can be fixed. The key is to identify and classify the root cause, quickly, and then take action. And with the right data and evidence, you will be in a stronger position to negotiate with your partners too.

Let our experts show you how, with a Free Distribution Audit.

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What you will get:
  • Our team will review factors that commonly compromise your distribution strategy
  • We will  perform a Rate Integrity check across your properties
  • You will receive a report with our findings and and offer our analysis
  • Our experts will then schedule a call to review the findings and offer our best practises guidance to develop strategies for counter measures
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