5x increase in campaign ROI price

with Fornova eCommerce Optimiser

Dynamically shift your eCommerce campaign inventory and budgets to quickly adapt your campaigns and maximise your net RevPAR.

Compliance made simple

Comply with regional laws to empower your agency and team to run more effective ads. Scan your brand’s website continuously and automatically to calculate compliant from-prices for each property as well as at regional or cluster levels to enable smarter intent retargeting.


Enhance personalisation

Increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing and advertising with more dynamic content such as regional prices, promotions, third-party data including TripAdvisor reviews and more. Run richer campaigns and retarget guests’ ‘intent-to-return’ to boost ROI.


Dynamically manage inventory and budgets

Understand the best inventory to promote, suspend or reduce budget, apply promotions and more. Uncover where your digital marketing spend is ineffective or where opportunities exist to boost direct bookings for maximum ROI.


Work with existing partners

Continue working with your current partners and agencies to run campaigns – no need to switch.


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