A Complex Relationship – Hotels, Hostels & OTA’s

A Complex Relationship – Hotels, Hostels & OTA’s

Our CEO, Dori Stein, was pleased to share a stage with Gal Mor, CEO of Abraham Hostels at WYSTC last week, reviewing the complex relationship between OTA’s and hotels.


In his presentation, Dori explained the current position hotels find themselves in and how he is often seeing hotels treating OTA’s as their enemies, when that shouldn’t be the case. Instead he argued that the OTAs are arguably the most important and in most cases the largest partners, so therefore it should be about managing this relationship in the most informed way.   


They discussed rate parity looking into if it is slowly dissolving, how to monitor when it’s not upheld by the OTA’s, as well as how OTAs are ranking down properties who are undercutting them in pricing.


Gal Mor, was instrumental in helping the audience understand the relevance of Dori’s talk to the hostel industry.


“Often the OTAs or wholesalers are getting sales which are ‘rightfully’ the hotels, as the guest is probably interested in booking direct but doesn’t as an OTA or wholesaler are brand bidding, showing lower rates on Meta sites or re-targeting the user.”



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