Dori Stein at Phocuswright Europe

Dori Stein at Phocuswright Europe


Dori Stein at Phocuswright Europe

 Photo by Kevin May of Tnooz


Fornova's CEO, Dori Stein, was pleased to share a stage with the MD of, Peter Verhoeven, at Phocuswright in Dublin yesterday.


In his presentation, Peter introduced's messaging app, Pulse. Hotels are using this app to communicate with customers post-booking, and it includes a translation feature that removes the language barrier between hoteliers their customers. He also shared the new Destination Finder page, where visitors are made recommendations based on their passions.


Dori asked Peter about his view on the statement by Expedia, alluding to hotels who “fight” them on pricing being punished by at least 8% of their overall revenue . He agreed there is an impact on hotels due to reduced ranking, the billboard effect, and the cost of applying the discount.


Dori also asked if Peter thinks hotels have a fear of being exploited by the OTA giant if they sign up to use BookingSuite. Peter said the proof is in the numbers, with many hotels signing up to the new platform. He also said the greatest potential they currently see is in their RateManager (previously PriceMatch) since according to's research, only 5% of hotels have an RMS.


Dori would like to extend his thanks to everyone involved. "It's exciting for us to see this conversation become both broader in its scope and deeper in its analysis of what's happening in our industry. People are becoming more educated, the technology is evolving at a phenomenal pace, and we are very excited to be a part of it."


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