Introducing Agile Distribution for Hotels


Hoteliers are facing the challenge of responding faster to rapidly shifting markets, guest behaviors and online resellers. Download our latest eBook which outline some of the major distribution issues facing hotels today, future challenges, as well as possible solutions.

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Why Agile works

Traditional approaches following quarterly, or even monthly, planning process are not conducive to keeping up with the modern fast-changing hotel distribution landscape. Hotels need to adopt a more diagnosis-led, responsive mode of controlling and managing distribution to meet current and future challenges. 


An agile mindset enables hotels to:

  • keep pace with shifts in markets, partners and competition
  • align budgets, forecasts, and revenue to meet market conditions
  • review distribution channels frequently
  • have up-to-date insights across the distribution estate
  • adapt to increasing competition

Shaping the hotel industry with Agile

Overcome distribution challenges and the shifting landscape with a flexible agile mindset

for your hotel and its future growth.

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Agile Distribution for Indirect Channels

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Introducing Agile Distribution for Hotels

Introducing Agile Distribution for Hotels

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On-demand webinar: Overcoming rate-parity fatigue

Do you feel like you are facing a never ending list of rate parity issues?

Register to access our on-demand webinar to find out how you can increase your revenue and net RevPAR in the long term and build success over time by focusing on your distribution health as a whole.

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Omer Lang
Director of Operations, Hilton London Metropole

The rapid technology development allows hoteliers to be more guest-centric than ever. The art of connecting the dots between data, technology and the various guest interactions requires a faster and smarter approach identifying guest’s needs and preferences in advance aiming to provide a personalized experience. Agile Distribution provides a great framework that enables hoteliers to become more guest-centric and continuously adapt to market shifts.

Sanchit Rege
Manager Distribution Strategy, Hyatt

In a fast-changing digital world, the window of opportunity to provide a customized product to a customer is short. The market does not afford organizations the luxury to take a few months to plan and execute a marketing campaign. The travel industry is no different and customer needs have to be catered to quickly if not instantaneously. An agile mindset is the right one to deal with these new challenges.                                                   

How Fornova helps

Fornova’s patented technologies offer powerful intelligence and automation solutions to help hoteliers maximize their net RevPAR. With easy-to-understand dashboards specially designed for chain corporate, cluster and hotel-level users, powered by frequently updated intelligence, it helps hotels understand how their inventory is seen by potential guests online, across both direct and indirect channels.


Fornova Distribution Intelligence

Fornova Distribution Intelligence continuously monitors your distribution health based on rate integrity, availability, and visibility across both direct and indirect channels enabling hotels to:
  • Enhance and maintain distribution health
  • Optimise hotel distribution mix to remain aligned with strategy
  • Manage and enhance partner and hotel performance

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Fornova eCommerce Optimiser

Fornova eCommerce Optimiser enables you to automatically shift budgets and inventory in response to changes in market conditions, to:
  • Boost direct bookings
  • Increase conversions of eCommerce ads
  • Enhance eCommerce ROI with distribution intelligence

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