More than 70% of your guests are booking online

Do you know what they are really seeing? Manually checking all the channels and setting up complicated VPNs to check from different countries is not scalable or reliable. What your guests see, directly impacts your revenues and ability to sell all your rooms. We are already monitoring all the hotels in Accor ASPAC, here is how.

Every channel

Get a 360-degree view of all channels where your hotel rooms are being sold, including Meta Search Engines where un-contracted OTAs maybe sourcing and selling your wholesale inventory.

Multiple PoS

Monitor your hotels from multiple countries, including China, Japan and Korea, so you know exactly what your guests are seeing. No need for complicated VPNs and technology setup.

Screenshots evidence

Our patented technology will provide you with real screenshots at the time an issue is found, so you hve all the evidence you need to drive resolution from your partners or chain HQ.

Not ready just yet?

Download your FREE Accor ASPAC hotels Distribution Health trends report to see how Accor hotels are performing. Do you recognise any of the un-contracted OTAs on this list who are selling your inventory online?

Note: these reports can only be sent to Accor employees at your official Accor or Accor brand emails ids. So please use your work email ids when requesting your report.